Orange Doodle Tart

oh so citrus delicious! This is a great spa cuisine recipe too!


Orange Doodle

Today’s recipe is an awesome…awesome blend of beautiful flavors. It is one of those recipes that make you look like a star at dinner parties but doesn’t demand too much work. Its a combination of flavors from snicker doodle & orange custard balanced with dark chocolate ganache. When you make a tart of any kind, usually the crust takes most of the time – you prepare the dough, you roll it out, you bake it for a good amount of time etc. In this tart recipe the crust is made of snicker doodle cookies which can be store bought – like mine.

There is only one place near Pondy where they sell snicker doodles and they make it GOOD! Its the regular sugar cookie coated in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar but it also has orange zest inside the cookie with was actually the inspiration behind this recipe. If your snicker doodles don’t have orange…

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Strawberry Yogurt Tartelette

Perfect for National Strawberry Month…


starwberry yogurt tart

This dessert is everything healthy and a treat for all the tart lovers out there. The filling for the tartelettes can be made with any fruit – I have used strawberries but feel free to experiment with other berries, mangoes, peaches or pears…..mostly fruits with pulp. I  basically mixed the fruit pulp with yogurt and some cream & sweetened it with honey. This recipe could be made with store bought fruit flavored yogurt but if you make the filling at home then its going to be a lot better as you can control the sweetness and quality of the ingredients much better. It is super simple to put together anyway.

I dry roasted the flour before making the dough as it gives the dough a nice nutty flavor which compliments the ingredients used to make the dough. Instead of using regular butter I used peanut butter (homemade) and some honey…

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‘wizard of spa’ website nears completion

I am so happy with this site! It loos so beautifully polished and I am receiving so many compliments.

intox Productions NEWS









Salon and spa expert Laura Anne Pelliccio, know as The Wizard of Spa,  came to intox Productions for the creation of an elegant, modern website. The format showcases Laura’s services, featured products, press, industry events and the Wizard of Spa Foundation. The goal was to develop something classic with a sense of old word charm to cater to her primarily Hampton’s based clientele. Look for the launch this Spring 2013.

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Humphead Wrasse

so beautiful! He looks like he had lip injections 😉

Matt on Not-WordPress

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The New York Beauty Show is CRRRAAAYYYYYY!

IBS show laurainternational-beauty-show-2013-banner
This is me after changing into my Vibram sneakers at the International Beauty Show held each year at the Jacob Javits Center. I receive so much attention when I wear these “comfy-toe” kicks, from New York City all the way to Montauk, that I actually thought about sending my resume in to be a sales representative for the brand! I probably could have made a fortune on this particular day, considering the type of expo I attended. If anyone in the beauty business knows, that this show is like a scene from a Ringling Brothers circus, you better believe that even New York’s ugliest sneaker is going to keep a pretty smile on my face as long as it’s comfortable. Although I never want to take them off my feet, they’re quite the controversial conversation piece. Apparently, more people thought they were SO cool than anything else. I feel barefoot in my orange Vibram’s and they’re just perfect for Montauk, so until you try them then don’t judge my sneaks.. ( I was saying about the circus..
tabitha ~~~ giudice
Literally something is going on in every corner at this event and I got to meet Tabatha Coffey from Salon Takeover, Miss New York USA, Theresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey, and so many hair & makeup industry pioneers.

Profashion Expo Team website shirts ~~~ Gurneys Spa Training1
Don’t think for one minute I didn’t make a special pit stop to see my favorite twin gorgeous brothers, Shay & Roy Sharaby of Profashion Hair ( These guys developed the best top quality hot irons in the world and I am serious when I say, the BEST! Each tool comes with the most badass black glove to flawlessly wrap your hair around the wand and achieve that amazing look.. years ago they picked me out of a crowd to be their hair model – I was SO completely sold on the line that I invited them to train my staff of 17 beauty technicians in New York’s largest destination spa, The Ocean View Salon & Seawater Spa at Gurney’s Inn Resort, Spa & Conference Center. After taking on the entire line, I invested in their hair styling and conditioning products as well. I can literally curl, flat iron and style my long thick hair all by myself and it looks so good! …It’s an easy and effective training. But you know, I just HAD to sneak in and let someone else make my waves on this day. Any chance I can sit down before having to lose the heels and change into my platypus-looking sneakers was fine by me! ( &

Azature Mani ~~~ mani
Moving onward, besides diamonds themselves, I got to meet my new “best friend”,  luxury jewelry designer, Azature, from Hollywood California, known as the “Black Diamond King” due to his forte signature gem, the black diamond. He was exhibiting his polish line named after him, and also containing the mysterious and rare black diamond. Azature is the founder of the most expensive polish line and perhaps even the most expensive manicure in the world. I have heard that even Madonna is one of his regulars and what a five star way to execute a diamond jewelry feature but with the cherry-on-top-of-the-icing-on-top-of-the-cake, adding up a SPARKLING MANICURE! I was fortunate enough to get my nails polished that day, (do you see my nail above? that’s my nail!) and it’s sparkled all week long, I felt like a princess.. Leave it to the New Yorkers however, to wonder if it’s vegan and what the purpose of the black diamond is….well ladies, being I am an industry professional and from New York, I can vouch when I say that this polish is for when you want to feel special… and according to Walt Disney, princesses feel special everyday! ….a special occasion, the red carpet, for the Oscars, for the Miss America Pageant, dinner at The Plaza, a fashion show, or just lounging around at home and wanting to have that glamorous touch, that’s why we now can have a nail polish that contains, a black diamond. (

IBS hair model arrojo ~~~ IBS hair model and Laura
Now, although this show is filled with chaos, there is a more tranquil side to it and that would be on the north side of the building. This expo actually had some reputable brands mixed into the multiple medical laser technology exhibitors. If you have ever been to an ISPA conference, you would see some brand favorites exhibiting ( I noticed Boldijarre Koronczay of                 Eminence Organic Skincare was educating each day and anyone who wants to take his class should be prepared to learn and laugh a lot at the same time! … this guy is not only an excellent businessman, but is the best spa entertainer of our time! ( I went to visit the coolest salesperson I know, Michele Taylor, over at the Revitalash booth and they were launching their newest product, Nouriche, which I had the pleasure of receiving a sampling of ( All I can tell you is, this apparently is the no joke of the eyelash, eyebrow and hair growing business, without all of the harmful crap that makes our eyes explode in puffiness and allergic reactions. ….and to top off the spa exhibit, I got to dip my hands in a popular product favorite called, “Whoopie!” from Farmhouse Fresh ( haha! So, before hitting up a well deserved hot dog from the outdoor stand and then running across town to catch the Hampton Jitney, I stopped back over to salon “mayhem” to watch a Brazilian Blowout ( and an awesome fashion show by Arrojo! (
IBS Keratin ~~~ international-beauty-show-2013-ibs-ny-3

Another beauty show gone by and all I can say is, before going into the IBS in NYC, take a deep breathe, wear comfortable shoes, be sure to take any anxiety meds to avoid heart palpitations and a panic attack… and have a goal before you leave!

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The ABC’s of Algae

Green Algae

The ABCs of Algae – An interview with Dan Fryda, Founder of Spa Technologies 

by Spirituality & Health Magazine

Did you know that there are 30,000 species of algae and that they’re  categorized by color (blue-green, brown, green, red, and white)?

Dan Fryda  explains the varieties and their benefits. Here’s what he shares:
Blue-Green Algae: Concentrated in amino acids, blue-green algae such as  spirulina add an abundance of chlorophyll and trace elements to stimulate  cellular metabolism. They are the natural way to provide brilliant color to  seaweed bath products.

Brown Algae: The most remineralizing algae, these  have traditionally been used in slimming and rejuvenating programs. Among the  most active are the laminaria, fucus, dictyopteris, ascophyllum, undaria  (wakame), macrocystis (Pacific bullwhip kelp), and sargassum seaweeds. Laminaria  algae are the richest in trace elements as well as betacarotenes, vitamin K, and  B vitamins.

Green Algae: These algae are a rich source of vitamin C and  chlorophyll. Their mineral content is weaker than that of the brown and red  algae, and they are therefore not commonly used in thalassotherapy treatments,  but they are attracting more attention in skin care. Examples of green algae  include the ulvas commonly found along estuaries and the mouths of rivers, as  well as plankton and chlorella microalgae.

Red Algae: Red algae are rich  in amino acids, folic acid, and mucopolysaccharides to gently stimulate  sensitive and iodine-sensitive skin. Red algae are rich in essential fatty acids  such as the omega-3 and omega-6 oils normally available from fish, as well as  gamma-linoleic and arachidonic acids.

 White Algae: A unique family,  these algae grow a natural calcium-magnesium shell. White algae such as  Lithothamnium calcareum are soothing when applied directly to irritated skin and  help to drain excess bloat and water retention. Excellent in combination with  the brown-green algae in the treatment of cellulite and inflammation, these  algae play an important role in women’s health.

For product information on Dan and Spa Technologies, visit:

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A Hampton’s SPA SOIREE!!

Spa Soiree writeup

It was an unusually breezy summer-like evening in April (a sweet 80 degree sunny evening) THE WIZARD OF SPA & THE INDEPENDANT NEWSPAPER hosted a fun-filled networking event to kick-off Hamptons Discount Week for Spa, Beauty and is also during the nationally recognized, SPA WEEK, so it comes at an excellent time. Guests got to meet and network with each other – spa directors, business owners, technicians, hotel owners and even non-spa related visitors to learn of the discounts being offered as well as a chance to win some really phenomenal prizes!

There were also members of the local fire department, an insurance company, and real estate businesses in attendance, as well as guests who walked in right off the street! ….and among these fabulous individuals was MS. NEW YORK wearing her sash and crown greeting everyone! Her debut for the running of MS. AMERICA PAGEANT in Orange County, California is soon approaching and so she was supporting our event at the Spa Soiree!

Additionally, the after-party at our food vendor for the evening, SEN sushi lounge, just a few doors down, we had “THE” Julie Andrews in the house–YES, as in MARY POPPINS! .OMG! it was a spectacular event and will only get bigger and better during the next Hamptons Discount Week in the Fall and Spring each year!

What a great way to get a seasonal community together under one roof..and leave with a great beauty bag!
Some of our sponsors for our gift bag items and help with operating our event was SpaUnique of Southampton’s sachet bag of their exclusive products (, Spa Technologies – marine organic skincare (, Soothing Showers – natural fragrances for soothing the senses (, Revitalash – safe products for growing and protecting the brows and lashes (, complimentary passes to Exhale Spa Core Fusion Classes anywhere in the country plus discounted spa treatment passes, water bottle and local gym passes, Discount Salon & Spa apparel from ALDAN INTERNATIONAL ( sample size skinacre goodies and..etc..etc ETC!!

Read on some of the writeups on this blog as well as to find out more ….

Hamptons Spa Soiree

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